UNLAD sends Mariners alumni to join shipping firms in Louisiana, USA

Mariners graduates - Garry Urlanda (5th from left) and Marco Timola (4th from right) pose with MPCF’s VP for Student and External Affairs Madame Nimfa V. Jimenez (center) and Mariners System’s Marketing Department Head Ms. Chabs V. Jimenez (2nd from right) together with other seafarers leaving for America. UNLAD Ship Manning and Management Corporation, a Company under the Mariners System facilitated the procurement of the seafarers’ papers. UNLAD assisted in the completion of the requirements for them to be able to work in U.S.A.

Metro Manila —Two graduates from Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Camarines Sur have successfully qualified to join and work in shipping firms in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.

In a news dispatch from Vice President for Student and External Affairs Nimfa V. Jimenez, alumni Gary Urlanda of Iriga City and Marco Timola of Bula, Camarines Sur, both graduates of MPCF-Camarines Sur have qualified and left for the United States on December 16, 2014.

Excited in their first travel to the U.S.A. to work, Gary Urlanda and Marco Timola have made it a point to bring with them the hope for a productive and successful seafaring career.

“To be able to work in a shipping company based in America is a chance of a lifetime. I would like to give the best of what I can in this job and use productively what I learned in my college days at Mariners”, says alumnus Gary Urlanda of Iriga City.

Meanwhile, Seafarer Marco Timola of Bula, Camarines Sur affirms, “I would like to express gratitude to my alma mater and so to UNLAD. Without them, I will not have the chance to work abroad. Now, I am in the position to help uplift the financial condition of my family”.

Unlad Ship Manning and Management Corporation, a company under the Mariners System continues to maintain linkages with international shipping firms worldwide, assuring its alumni and graduates from other maritime schools in the country who avail of its services, a smooth processing of the requirements needed in available maritime job placements.

In a message conveyed, “UNLAD continues to perform its role, complementing the efforts of the Mariners institutions in Camarines Sur and Legazpi City, Albay as the leading Maritime schools in the Bicol Region”, declared VPSEA Nimfa Jimenez.

The management of UNLAD has announced the details of the services it offers. Interested parties may visit online. (CAS)

Organiko Bikolano moves on to promote healthy lifestyle in families

(Left picture) Organiko Bikolano Prime Mover Ms. Evita L. Jimenez, a member of the MPCF Board of Trustees presides at the meeting which focused on the importance of healthy diet and active lifestyle. (Right picture, L-R) Participants Sr. Corazon Belardo and Sr. Paz Albao of the Daughters of Mary congregation as they listen and write down notes while the group discusses the direction of the tenor of the mission and vision of the organization.

Naga City — The Mariners System supports the advocacy of OrganiKo Bikolano, a local organization promoting healthy lifestyle thru the production and consumption of organic foodstuffs.

In a recent gathering, the group emphasized its stand to motivate people to push for healthy lifestyle by planting and patronizing organically-produced food crops. The event was held at the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) – Naga’s Mariners Training and Hotel Institute (MTHI) on January 22, 2015.

Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation’s (MPCF) Board of Trustees Member Ms. Evita L. Jimenez who heads Organiko Bikolano challenged the members to share their ideas and concepts on the objectives of the organization. Included in the topics discussed were the anticipation of possible conflicts which might arise from the advocacy and the social responsibility the organization has to perform.

The meeting started with a video presentation by Dr. Joseph Mercola, an American Doctor who experienced obesity and is now actively promoting organic farming, thru the smart and healthy way of consuming food.

Dr. Mercola said he considers American diet as the worst since the usual food items and meals purchased and consumed by the citizens in his country are often rich in fats and sugar.

For Ms. Jimenez, it was Mercola who inspired her to support and promote organic food production and consumption primarily because it plays a big role in the maintenance of ideal physical and mental health.

ALL organic food on display during the conference — (L-R) Eggplant (Talong) with Lemon, Gata and Herbs, Manay Luz’s Fresh Watermelon and Tabug-Tabug made from cassava and sticky rice flour)

More organic food products at the Organiko forum — (L-R) Don Ramon’s Bignay Berry Wine and Manay Luz’s Hot and Spicy Nipa Vinegar, Manay Luz’s Pirikit Nipa Vinegar and Manay Luz’s Salad Dressing

Since most people are fond of eating delicious food, there were questions raised and points-of-view presented. The organization is looking for the right balance between ‘Eating Yummy and Staying Healthy’


The saying ‘Anything Organic Is Healthy’ can cause confusion, with it being deceiving and misleading. According to forum participant Ms. Luz Despabiladeras, there are many factors to be considered in evaluating the being organic and healthy of a food product. Included in the consideration is the environmental condition.

“One might say that eating fish instead of meat is more beneficial to one’s health, but if the water where the fish was bred is polluted, it could do more harm than good’, said Ms. Despabiladeras.

On the other hand, Mr. Jose Arnel Obias, operator of organic restaurant Green Earth Café emphasized the effects of the eating habits of people in relation to their present or future health condition.

Restraint and moderation are the key to good health when it comes to the quantity of one’s food intake. Many life-threatening diseases come from meat. “But the fact that meat is still needed by our body for its protein, iron and other necessary vitamins, the fault should not be blamed on meat but to the uncontrolled quantity of the food we eat”, said Obias.

Other participants gave their piece of advice as Organic Lechon was available. Despite the swine having been bred organically, it was pointed out that the fats in it could have a negative long term effect to the human body especially if not taken moderately. When it comes to food, being organic is not always the same as being healthy.

More Organiko Bikolano enthusiasts attend the meeting . (Left picture) Mr. Arnel Obias explains the confusion caused by the health myths on ‘hereditary’ and genetically-based diseases in relation to healthy living. (Right Picture) Meeting participants - Agriculturist and organic products entrepreneur Ramon Abalayan , Ms. Luz Despabiladeras and MPCF Cam Sur VP for Administration Napoleon Mangente, as they face other participants and share ideas on healthy living.


A discussion on the existence of several health myths and unverified beliefs was conducted. It was focused on the presence of life-threatening diseases. Ms. Evita Jimenez introduced the concept of Epigenetics. People can be enlightened by the study which proves that the authenticity of the genetic components of the human body is not sustained through hereditary means but could also be changed (damaged or improved) by the chemical reactions and the factors that influence them.

This means that the current and future condition of our body does not rely on DNA and genes alone but on the type of food that we consume and the chemicals associated with it.

In another development, Sr. Paz Albao of the Daughters of Mary highlighted the importance of having a clear mind and healthy spiritual life which is free of stress.

“It is essential for us to have a well-maintained spiritual health, find time to meditate and reflect once in a while. It is very difficult to start a healthy diet with a stressful mind and system”, commented Sister Paz Albao.

“Since the goal of OrganiKo Bikolano is to promote the production and consumption of organic food among families, the Mission and Vision must be focused on educating people on the basic stages of living an organic lifestyle such as backyard farming and home cooking. The Vision must be attainable enough for the organization to create more innovative objectives and hopefully open its doors to livelihood programs and corporate ventures that could help the members be healthy and for them to earn at the same time” Ms. Evita Jimenez concluded. (CAS)