Contingents of Mariners Legazpi, Naga and Cam Sur grab 2015 Penafrancia Military Parade top honors

(Left picture) - The CGA-OTC Corps Commander and Staff of MPCF-Canaman, Camarines Sur and (right picture) – cadets of MPCF-Legazpi City looking smart as they join the military parade competition despite the drizzle and heavy downpour later during the day of the contest.

Naga City— The weeklong celebration of the Peñafrancia Festival has again brought honors to the Mariners System when contingents from the three schools (Mariners Legazpi, Naga and Camarines Sur) in the Bicol Region have taken home major awards given away in the 2015 Penafrancia Festival Military Parade Competition.

Foremost in the awards are First Place as ‘Best Marching Band and Majorettes’ given to MPCF-Legazpi and the First Place as ‘Most Disciplined ROTC Unit’ bagged by MPCF-Camarines Sur.

The event showcased not just the strong devotion of Bicolanos to Our Lady or Peñafrancia, the Patroness of Bicolandia but it also paved way for different schools to show talents and discipline in the annual military parade competition.

With the participation of the different private and public schools in Bicol, the Military Parade competition is one of the most anticipated events every Peñafrancia Festival.

After months of training and practice, the contingents had to prove that they could bring pride and honor to their respective schools through their CAT and ROTC Units with their spectacular performances.

The ROTC Units, Band and Majorettes from the Mariners System (MPCF Canaman, MPCF Legazpi and MPC Naga) as veteran contenders to the awards at stake have once again proven their worth. Amidst heavy rain, they performed well on September 18, 2015, especially in front of the reviewing stand at Plaza Quezon.

The rain did not affect the cadets’ snappy movements and posture while the members of the Band and Majorettes emerged as enthusiastic-as-ever performers who did fantastic showmanship during the exhibition as they flash their winning smiles to the crowd.

Discipline is one of core values instilled in the minds of the members of the Mariners delegations. This value is of utmost importance especially to maritime cadets before they embark on ships to become Seafarers. These include consistency in their posture, sense of integrity and leadership that the Coast Guard Auxiliary-Officer Training Corps (CGA-OTC) has implanted to them during their training which should manifest in the competition.

(Left picture) The Band and Majorettes of MPC/F Naga and Canaman as they display their winning form. (Right picture) The Band and Majorettes of MPCF-Legazpi City as they compete in the Penafrancia event.


(Left picture) The Band and Majorettes of MPC/F Naga and Canaman as they display their winning form. (Right picture) The Band and Majorettes of MPCF-Legazpi City as they compete in the Penafrancia event. 

As for the majorettes, the ladies have managed to wrap-up graciously their performances with poise and confidence, just exactly how Marineros and Marineras are trained to be, responsible and determined during tough and challenging contests.

As a result of the effort exerted during the weeks of training, the CGA-OTC Unit of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation from Canaman, Camarines Sur was declared as the Most Disciplined ROTC Unit in the 7th Bicol Region Military Parade Competition.

MPCF Legazpi also brought home awards in different categories including the Most Disciplined and Best Marching ROTC Unit where they ranked 4th and they were adjudged as Best Marching Band/Majorettes where they ranked 1st. The combined effort of MPCF Canaman and MPCF Naga placed them 5th in the Best Marching Band/Majorettes category.

“The Mariners System will continue to participate actively in events which will help promote and nurture the skills of the students which include values that the graduates can carry and cherish long after they have graduated from the institution”, declared MPC-Naga and MPCF-Camarines Sur CEO, Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan. (CAS)