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Safe Seafaring Meet in Manila

The First Conference on Safe Seafaring convened April 20th, on the theme, Toward Higher Quality Maritime Education and Training: Learning Innovations for Safe Seafaring. It is organized by the Library for Safe Seafaring (L4SS) and its mother maritime school, Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation in Canaman, Camarines Sur and held at the Lagoon, Hotel H2O, Ocean Park, Manila.

Commissioner Cynthia Bautista as she delivers the Keynote Address at the MPCF –L4SS’ Conference on Safe Seafaring.

It is organized by the Library for Safe Seafaring (L4SS) and its mother maritime school, Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation in Canaman, Camarines Sur and held at the Lagoon, Hotel H2O, Ocean Park, Manila.

This is in partnership with the Elsevier Foundation (of USA and The Netherlands), in cooperation with the Phil Association of Maritime Institutions (PAMI), Phil Association of Maritime Training Centers (PAMTCI), as well as with the international Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMAREST) and Nautical Institute (NI).

More than 100 maritime educators, trainers, cadets, government officials, media practitioners and other maritime stakeholders participated from the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, India, and Papua New Guinea.

Live streaming, tele-conferencing with MPCF-Canaman and Legazpi, Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific in Bataan and Dava Merchant Marine Academy (DMMA) of Southern Phils in Davao was made possible by the UP Information Technology Development Center (UP-ITDC) in cooperation with Smart Communications which provided free internet connectivity to the whole day event.

Former Department of Health Secretary (DOH) Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan as one of the speakers as he talks on the importance of good health for Seafarers at the Conference on Safe Seafaring.

Conference Chair Ms. Evita L. Jimenez, L4SS Project Manager says it is inspired by the Elsevier Foundation-supported library project, aiming for a common understanding to achieve higher standards of quality maritime education and training (MET).

Ms. Jimenez notes it is all about, “… sharing resources, knowledge and everything about what we have to share with the rest of the seafaring world. This is about building technology aided global library for helping raise scientific learning and competencies among maritime students, teaching for seafarers…”

Salutary messages delivered by:

·         Engr, Felix M. Oca, President, PAMI

·         Capt. Arsenio Padilla, President, PAMTCI

·         Ms. Carla Limcaoco, President, Women in Maritime (WIMA Phil)

·         VAdm Eduardo Ma. R Santos, President, NI & IMarEST Phils

·         Mr. David Kelly, Director for Asia Pacific, IMarEST

CHEd’s Cynthia Bautista, in her keynote of a paradigm shift from education to learning and  life-long learning: “… the profoundness of this shift lies in its focus on its individual learners, that is the shift. Away from teachers teaching classes to individual learners to help them adopt to the evolving requirements of the labor market and better master the changing timeframes.”

There were three sessions: Perspectives: Maritime Situationers, Trends and Standards; Maritime Challenges: Prevention and Solutions; Technology Aided Human-Centered Solutions

Experts spoke on their fields:

·         C/E Alfredso Haboc, Deputy Administrator fro Regional Concerns, Maritime Industry Authority – “Philippine Policy on Maritime Safety”

·         Dr. Jay Batongbacal, Executive Director, UP IMLOS  – “Global SEASCAPE & Beyond”

·         Dr. Angelica Baylon, Secretary, IMarEST & NI Phils, Director for External Affairs, MAAP – “Global Challenges and Current Trends: Issues on Phil MET

·         Atty. Iris Baguilat, president, Doehle-Seafront Crewing-Manila. “The Competitiveness Issues of Philippines Seafaring”

·         Dr. Maragtas Amante, L4SS Maritime Studies Consultant UP VP for Administration – “Maritime Labor Convention: Towards a Philippine Scorecard

·         Mr. Gerardo Borromeo, CEO-Phil Transmarine Carriers (PTC) – “State of Shipping”

·         Atty. Brenda V. Pimentel, Pres., Philippine Maritime Research Services (PHLMRSS) – “Women in Maritime: Learning the Ropes”    

·         Capt Yashwant Chhabra, Fellow, Company of Master Mariners of India – “Learn to Sail Safe; Preventing Collision on Sea”

·         Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, Chairman, Health Futures Foundation and former secretary, Department of Health – “Natural Remedies for Health Issues Confronting Seafarers”        

·         Alan Taule, Division Chief, Starbooks, Department of Science and Technology     


They were complimented by high-caliber Reactors/Key Discussants:

·         Dr. Elizabeth Salabas, Former President, PAMI

·         Atty. Edwin dela Cruz, Chairman, International Seafarers Action

·         Bishop Bart Espartero, Chairman, Mission

·         Capt. Andre van Schoonhoven, Holland America Group

·         Riina Vaher, 2nd Officer, Marlow Navigation

·         Capt. Gaudencio Morales, President, Integrated Seafarers of the Phil

·         Engr Nelson Ramirez, President, United Filipino Seafarers

·         Capt Richard Teo, Consultant, Papua New Guinea Maritime College – “Innovative Tools for MET and Continuing Learning”

·         Engr Rodolfo Lozada, CEO, Galileo (TARA apps) – “Safe APPS for Seafarers”

·         Mr. Allan Taule, Division Chief, DOST, “Starbooks, First Digital Library”

·         Mr. Quiel Marcelo, Marketing Officer, Smart Comm – “Smart Marino All Abroad”


Dr. Edgar Despi, Quality Management Rep for ISO, MPCF-CCCS, presented the L4SS official website: www.safeseafaring-org which will be operationalize few weeks after the conference.             

The Philippine edition of a book on sea safety, Mariners’ Guide to Preventing Collisions written by Capt. Yashwant Chhabra, was launched witnessed by Capt. Kamal Chadra, Capt. Rodolfo Aspillaga, Dr. Baylon, guests from C&E Publishing, the Mariners Board and L4SS.                                                            

Ms. Nimpa Valdez-Jimenez, MPCF Board Secretary, outlined Resolutions of the discussions:

1. For L4SS library for safe seafaring to be adopted as an innovative tool for maritime stakeholders under PAMI, PAMTCI and others to enhance MET and professional education.

2. To promote shared learning resources free to all students, educators an stakeholders maritime community with the support of our partners and sponsors.

3. To support competency based quality learning materials like Mariner's Guide to Preventing Collisions by encouraging seafarers’ acquisition in partnership with the stakeholders.

4. To promote rights of women seafarers including better access to MET; that onboard gender awareness and sensitivity training be encouraged on all ships manned by Filipino seafarers.

5. For the full implementation of the ILO Maritime Labor Convention by passing laws on these

6. To integrate education on ILO MLC 2006 level in the curriculum of all maritime schools Management Level courses and PTOS.

7. To supply free online learning materials like Starbooks to maritime education and training.

These Resolutions will be issued for possible adoption to PAMI and PAMTCI members


Elsevier, scientific publisher and technological solutions provider, is a division of RELX with Elsevier Foundation as corporate charity founded over a decade. Each year, it gives a million dollar in projects focused on global health research in developing countries and diversity in science education.

It is managed by Mr. David Ruth in the US and Netherlands and impacts on the Philippines given one of five sailors of the world is a Filipino.

To review the discussions, visit You Tube link of the Conference on live streaming courtesy of Smart Communications and the UP ITDC: