Archbishop Rolando Tirona graces opening of Seafarers’ Healthy Bites

Canaman, Camarines Sur - The JaimeLiza, Inc. of Mariners System has opened the Seafarers’ Healthy Bites (SHB) canteen to cater to students, faculty, staff and the community in the neighborhood who are looking for healthy food alternatives.

(Left picture) The façade of the ‘Seafarers’ Healthy Bites canteen. (Right picture) Archbishop Rolando Tirona (center) as he blesses the canteen. Others in the picture (left to right) are Dr. Gabriel L. Jimenez, Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan, Ms. Evita L. Jimenez (partly hidden) and Commodore Dante La. Jimenez (in blue shirt) during the Blessing Rites.

Archbishop Rolando Tirona of the Archdiocese of Caceres graced the opening of the establishment with him having blessed the canteen facilities as well as the office of JaimeLiza, Inc.

This establishment serves food supplied by farmers who are certified producers of organic foodstuffs. The recipes offered are unique and are affordable.

JaimeLiza President Ms. Evita L. Jimenez has waged a campaign among the members of the academic community to watch the quality of their food intake. One of the advocacies envisioned by Mariners Healthy Bites is to have healthy members of the academic community starting with the school officials, faculty, staff and the studentry. It also encourages people in the neighborhood to be conscious with the quality of the food they eat.

The opening of the Seafarers’ healthy Bites coincided with the 93rd birthday of the Co-Foundress of the school Madame Eliza Lazaro Jimenez.

Among the school officials who attended the blessing and inauguration were Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) Camarines Sur CEO Dr. Marilisssa J. Ampuan, Legazpi MPCF President Dante L. Jimenez, MPC-Naga Executive Vice President Dr. Gabriel L. Jimenez, BOT Members Ms. Evita L. Jimenez and Ms. Merle J. San Pedro.

The department heads of the school also graced the affair led by VP for Student and External Affairs Napoleon Mangente and VP for Academic Affairs Marian Her. Lazaro.

Farmers who supply the organically-produced farm products used in the recipes at SHB were present during the blessing and inauguration.

(Clockwise) The blessing of the JaimeLiza, Inc. Office led by Archbishop Tirona. BOT Member Evita Jimenez with VPSEA Nap Mangente, Canaman, Camarines Sur Mayor Atty. Emmanuel Requejo and Mariners System Financial Consultant Ed Claveria. Commodore Dante Jimenez in a huddle with Msgr. Tirona after the Blesing Rites and BOT Member Merle Jimenez with Archbishop Tirona at the SHB Blessing and Inauguration.

This advocacy on healthy living is brought on-air via the weekly radio program ‘Buhay Marinero’ of the Mariners System over RMN-DWNX Radio in Naga City and Camarines Sur and broadcast every Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 in the morning.